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Saturday, 20 November 2010

Convention part ???....


I know don't faint, me posting twice in one week. Flipping eck!!

Today is my first proper day off for ages, having said that i have spent all day on the computer catching up with alot of course work. I am a little bit further forward thank goodness.

I know I'm still harping on but i haven't had chance to show you some of the fabulous goodies i got when we went to convention.

Do you like this beautiful little box? Well my Stampin' Up mum, Julie, gave me this.

Well, I was estatic to get this but look what i got inside!!

This picture does not do this justice. It's beautiful. A lovely jem for one of Julie's Jems. How lucky am I??

The next pic is of my lovely goodies i got from Kate, my roomie. Inside is some gorgeous lotions. I'm not a very good sleeper and Kate thought the Lavender lotion would help me sleep. How lovely are these? ( they are also in my favourite colours of the moment- Concorde Crush and Pear Pizzaz, and Kate didn't know that)

I was spoiled that weekend. Look at what jeanette made for me. This lovely little box has my name on and some lovely chocs inside with a card saying for me to enjoy convention. And boy did I. It was really nice to get something with my name on. I usually do for others but don't normally get for me. (also means Lauren can't pinch it, lol.)

And here is one more photo of only a few swaps and things i recieved. I would recommend joining Stampin' Up even if it was just to be able to go to convention. What a trip.

So course work done for today, blog updated, next on the list to get a glass of wine and chill out for abit.

Have a great week,



  1. gorgeous goodies Lynda, I can't wait for next year xx

  2. Hi,
    you will love it Becki. Alot to take in but so inspiring and great to meet other demos as well. Take care.